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On May 30, 2006 the Dutchess Putnam Counties Bowling Association, the Poughkeepsie Womens' Bowling Association and the Dutchess County Youth Bowling Association merged to form the Hudson Valley Association, named Hudson Valley USBC, Inc. This merger, modeled after it's parent organization, USBC, now manages all league play in one area regardless of sex or age. It's purpose, like its parent, is to promote the sport of bowling.

Hudson Valley USBC has jurisdiction on league play in five bowling centers:
   - Spins Bowl Carmel
   - Spins Bowl Poughkeepsie
   - Spins Bowl Wappingers Falls
   - Schneider's Fishkill Bowl
   - Ro-lin Lanes

The Association also provides a number of services to the area bowlers, such as Tournaments, Award Recognition and Presentation, and Youth Scholarships. The Hudson Valley Association has a board of officers and directors, comprised of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Sergeant of Arms, and twelve Directors. Our youth are represented by three of the twelve Directors. The officers and directors are all non-paid volunteers. The Manager of the Association is a paid, but ex-officio member of the board.


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